Gerimis Hati Asyikin

Gerimis Hati Asyikin

TV3@ 2016

TV3@ 2016
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Bila Ajal Menanti

Bila Ajal Menanti
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Telemovie BILA AJAL MENANTI di TV ALHIJRAH. 3 JULAI, 2015 @ 10pm. Karya / Konsep / Skrip / SHAHRIZAD SHAFIAN. Arahan : Tn AIDIL FITRI MY @TSAR ASIA SDN BHD.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Junjungan Baginda Rasulullah SAW bersabda :

" La takhaf wa la tahzan, innallaha ma'anaa."

- Don't be afraid and don't be sad, indeed Allah is always being with you.-



"so remember me, I will remember you. And be grateful to me and do not deny me."

(Al Bakarah 2:152)

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Shahrizad Shafian


"Telah ku sediakan hamparan doa,pautan wasiat,selaut rindu dan cinta seluas langit biru buat kalian. Andai daku dijemput dulu, sudilah kiranya di sedekahkan surah Al Fatihah buatku. Itu saja hadiah yang ku mahu. Kerana ku tahu, amalan yang ada padaku tidak cukup walaupun pada sujud doa malam-malamku. Ya Labbaika, kasihanilah insan-insan yang mengasihani aku."


Lets vote for JANJI ADAM for all categories at Drama Festival KL 2014


Bermula 24 Sept, 2013 di Slot Azalea (4pm-5pm) TV3. Selama 20 Ep. JOM tonton karya kita yang kedua selepas LEBARAN KASIH. Your feedback are more than welcome.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

It was part of the test... too.

By ; Ngajad

As i kept walking on this path of journey, i began to understand the why's hidden part of it. It was there all along, i was blind not to notice it but hardly it wasnt my fault, neither. As i was trying too hard wanting to see when it was meant not to be seen. I now realised that it was part of the test... testing me! It was rather painful and hurtful, biting every inch of my tiny heart over night but i know the pain shall go, eventually. Contants prayers shall ease the hurtness... insya-Allah. I believe for what i dont get today, i shall get something better out of it by tomorrow. Let tomorrow come with new hopes and blessing from Al-Migthy God.

La Tahzan (Don't Be Sad)

By: Ngajad

Don’t be sad…
When it rained hard, pouring on the rooftop
At least theres roof to cover you
From the sun beam and rain drops

Don’t be sad…
When you felt empty out of suddenly
At least theres still feelings rather then nothing

Don’t be sad…
When you got tired of trying again and again
At least you are able to try and started to begin

Don’t be sad…
When you realised there was nothing left
At least what you had was the best

Don’t be sad…
When tears came rushing down your cheek
At least you are able to cry when times of need

Don’t be sad…
Because of the past that haunted you
At least you were there to be apart of it too
But then again…
Without the past, what are you?


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Supplement for a peace-of-soul

To be or not to be a Muslimah...? That is the question...?

Simple steps that can take you there, insya-Allah - :
  • To perform solat and to perform at your very best all the time. To actually drop from whatever you were doing when the time arrive. Let performing solat be the priority in your life before anything else.
  • Reciting Al-Quran & Berzikir. To have a well balance lifestyle, you need to recite Al-Quran at least a page a day. Understanding the meaning would be a bonus. Berzikir is something you can't do without. Let your pink lips moist with saying Allah's name.
  • To do fasting besides the fasting month.
  • To protect your only dignity - to last a lifetime.

Happy Mother's Day

You're the queen of my heart
We are unbreakable to be apart
Your love is like a tears from the star
Hidden so very far
You made me happy
Just by sitting next to me
You made me see
How much you loved me
Everyday you sat and pray
Wishing that ALLAH protects me night & day

I just want you to know
Loving you
Is like a dream come true!

By Ngajad

It was a same different...

By Ngajad

Hold on to your dreams, hold on to your soul
Some time ago that was being told

Close your eyes and there you will find me
But if you close too long, you will lose me

Listen to your heart, as it whisper to you
It is not that hard to follow what your heart wants to do

I’ll be there when you call for me
But when you don’t need me, where should I be?

Keep me near, never to far
Iam always here, beneath the bright little star

Kept you happy, every night and days
Made you see me in many different ways

It was as easy as looking into the hour glass
But it made you wonder, how was it gonna last

It only has 114 Surah to last a life long
Able to grand so many wishes and once in a lifetime make you happy
But to you it’s a burden

What different does it make
When you are still the same…entirely

Postcard from Heaven

By Ngajad

It’s a bitter sweet emotion
Knowing that you can’t hold back the time
It’s a mixture of prediction
As you watch the time waited in line
The precious moment stood at still
According to your will
Those moments was part of you, when you made the time be part of your moments too

Postcards from Heaven was sent to you
With regards and wishes
As you laid your prayers some a few
As you savor your believes deeply within you

At times we spared
When the truth be hold
Sometimes we shared
When the true unfolds
Looking back in time, made you see
That ‘this’ was part of the destiny
Heavens awaits, never too far
Heaven will wait, behind the shooting star

(Dedicated to Allahyarham Muhammad Norshafique Moktharruddin)
Publish in Islamic Outreach Newsletter-4th quarter, 2008

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Healing takes time...

“Please grant me patience in facing these difficulties in life for I believe it is a trial from you; please lift the burden off my chest for I believe it is your assessment on my patience”. These are the lines of prayers which I frequently said when the toughs gets going. Knowing for a fact that each turn at the end of the fork of life will somehow rather hurt me, eventually. But I know from the bottom of my tiny heart that it shall get better, insya-Allah!

My soul-ly has been put through a test one after another. And at times, even before the earlier test being completed another test has came crushing in. Al-mighty Allah, please have mercy on me! I need the strenght to understand. I need the understanding in order to know. I need to know in order for me to make through for another day.

It will get better, It will be. It will be better, I shall see.

Healing takes time, in a matter of time I shall heal.